Biden’s Associate AG Nominee Vanita Gupta Advances After RINO Murkowski Votes in Favor

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The Sen­ate nar­row­ly vot­ed to advance the nom­i­na­tion of Pres­i­dent Joe Biden’s nom­i­nee to be asso­ciate attor­ney gen­er­al, Vani­ta Gup­ta, set­ting up a final vote expect­ed lat­er Tues­day despite fierce oppo­si­tion from most Repub­li­can senators.Vice Pres­i­dent Kamala Har­ris was on hand in case she was need­ed for a 50–50 tie on the pro­ce­dur­al vote for Gupta’s nom­i­na­tion Wednes­day that fell strict­ly along par­ty lines, but Sen. Lisa Murkows­ki, a mod­er­ate Repub­li­can from Alas­ka, broke with her Repub­li­can col­leagues and joined all Demo­c­ra­t­ic sen­a­tors to advance the nom­i­na­tion 51–49.
Repub­li­cans were near­ly entire­ly uni­fied in their oppo­si­tion to …


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