Before Cancel Culture Was a Thing, These 11 Hollywood Celebrities Read Dr. Seuss Books in Public

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The ban­ning of six books by Dr. Seuss over con­cerns that they con­tain racist imagery has turned the pop­u­lar children’s author into kryp­tonite for the left. But as recent­ly as just a few months ago, many cul­tur­al elites unequiv­o­cal­ly embraced Dr. Seuss, even lend­ing their star pow­er to pro­mote his books.
Celebri­ties includ­ing Joe Biden sup­port­er Julia Louis-Drey­fus, Kate Winslet, Dan­ny DeVi­to, Justin Bieber, and John Cena have appeared in online videos read­ing Dr. Seuss books, though none of them are among the titles that have been cancelled.
As Bre­it­bart News report­ed, the estate of Dr. Seuss — real name, …


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