Bannon Rips Liar Biden After Humiliating CNN Town Hall

It is well known that when­ev­er CNN has a town hall event for a Demo­c­rat it’s always a pre-staged and care­ful­ly pack­aged event.

Last night was no different.
On Wednes­day night CNN moved all of its audi­ence to the first few rows so that it appears there is actu­al inter­est in Amer­i­ca to see Joe Biden stum­ble all over him­self in a town hall.

On Thurs­day morn­ing Steve Ban­non point­ed out the obvi­ous on The War Room.

Steve Ban­non: It’s impos­si­ble for this guy to have got­ten 81 mil­lion votes here. You’re right Raheem, there would have been ban­ners. He would have been com­ing down the mid­dle aisle high-fiv­ing in a packed audi­ence. The whole audi­ence would be packed and they would have had screens out­side with anoth­er 25,000 peo­ple… This is a com­plete farce and a joke.

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