AUSTRALIA: Leader of the free world ‘compromised…Struggling With Dementia’

Watch video from source. This is what real news report­ing looks like out­side of the US. 


It is clear US Pres­i­dent Joe Biden is not up to the task he has been “sworn in to do”, accord­ing to Sky News host Cory Bernardi.

“Nev­er before has the leader of the free world been so cog­ni­tive­ly com­pro­mised,” Mr Bernar­di said

“It’s clear to me at the least that US Pres­i­dent Joe Biden is strug­gling with demen­tia and is clear­ly not up to the task he’s been sworn in to do.”

Mr Bernar­di said it is some­thing which was “evi­dent” dur­ing the elec­tion cam­paign, but the “par­ti­san and poi­so­nous” main­stream media chose not to high­light any­thing which could have “derailed a Biden victory”.

“Even now, after he has been sworn in, many of them are still refus­ing to speak the truth about Biden’s lack of capacity.”

Joe Biden recent­ly emerged to make his “sani­tised” Pres­i­den­tial Town Hall Debut, at which the new pres­i­dent “prompt­ly gave away his teleprompter”.


Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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