Ashli Babbitt’s Attorney Raises New Questions About Her Death

Ash­li Babbitt’s attor­ney, Ter­rell N. Roberts III, has raised seri­ous doubts about the shooting.

“The shoot­ing of Ash­li Bab­bitt on Jan­u­ary 6, 2021 by an uniden­ti­fied U.S. Capi­tol Police Offi­cer was an unjus­ti­fied use of dead­ly force which vio­lat­ed her con­sti­tu­tion­al rights,” Roberts III said.

“It is clear from video footage that Ash­li did not pose a dan­ger to the offi­cer, or any oth­er per­son, when she was shot. Ash­li was unarmed. She did not assault any­one. She did not threat­en to harm any­one. There was no excuse for tak­ing her life,” he said.

“It is a uni­ver­sal law enforce­ment stan­dard that a police offi­cer should use no more force than nec­es­sary to accom­plish a law­ful pur­pose,” the attor­ney said. “At 5′ 2″ tall and 110 pounds, an arrest of Ash­li could have been accom­plished by a sin­gle trained offi­cer with a set of hand­cuffs. At the time of the shoot­ing, there were over a half-dozen police offi­cers in close prox­im­i­ty to the Speaker’s door where Ash­li was standing.”

“Some of those offi­cers had just allowed pro­test­ers access to the door by step­ping aside,” he said.


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