Antifa, Black Lives Matter Linked to Violence Against Trump Supporters

Sup­port­ers and like­ly mem­bers of the far-left Antifa net­work and the Black Lives Mat­ter move­ment were cap­tured on video assault­ing Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump sup­port­ers in Wash­ing­ton on Saturday.

Thou­sands of Trump sup­port­ers turned out for a large march to protest against alleged elec­tion fraud. Some pro-Trump marchers also engaged in violence.

While a col­lec­tion of videos showed chaos and it was dif­fi­cult to dis­cern who insti­gat­ed the fights, oth­er footage from reporters on the ground showed anti-Trump pro­test­ers assault­ing pro-Trump marchers with­out provocation.

In at least sev­er­al cas­es, peo­ple affil­i­at­ed with Antifa or Black Lives Mat­ter were the ones car­ry­ing out the assaults.

Trump sup­port­ers walk­ing in down­town were assault­ed by pro-Black Lives Mat­ter sup­port­ers, the Dai­ly Caller’s Jorge Ven­tu­ra report­ed. One man was suck­er punched by a black male from behind who was hold­ing a sign that said “Trump/Pence Out Now!” video footage showed. The slo­gan was pro­mot­ed by Refuse Facism, a rad­i­cal left-wing group that, accord­ing to the non-prof­it Influ­ence Watch, is an off­shoot of the Rad­i­cal Com­mu­nist Par­ty and has been pres­i­dent at many Antifa events.



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