How the Media’s Priorities Distorts the News

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You may not see much news cov­er­age on the world’s 100,000 air­plane flights that land safe­ly every day. Let one of them crash, how­ev­er, and you’ll see smol­der­ing wreck­age and sob­bing rel­a­tives for 24 hours.It’s the same in news cov­er­age of U.S. pol­i­tics. Now for the first time in mem­o­ry a research team has exam­ined thou­sands of news inter­view tran­scripts and doc­u­ment­ed what might seem an obvi­ous but very impor­tant con­clu­sion: Extreme views and words by far get the most atten­tion, air time and views online.People who speak in mod­er­ate tones with rea­son­able views pret­ty much …


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