Analysis Finds Restaurants, Gyms, and Hair Salons Not a Significant Source of Coronavirus Transmissions

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It turns out that bars, restau­rants, gyms, hair salons, and a whole host of oth­er busi­ness­es gov­ern­ment health offi­cials said would be hotbeds of coro­n­avirus spread as states reopen were no such thing.ABC News ana­lyzed pub­licly avail­able data and deter­mined that, as states have begun to reopen across the coun­try, the places experts claimed spread the dis­ease have account­ed for only a small per­cent­age, if any, of new cases.There are many caveats to this infor­ma­tion, how­ev­er. Mit­i­ga­tion mea­sures, such as reduced capac­i­ty and requir­ing face masks to be warn, may have helped reduce the num­ber of new cases. …


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