An Update On the Hunter Biden Whistleblower

John Paul Mac Isaac is an Amer­i­can Patri­ot and hero. He was the own­er of a com­put­er repair shop in Wilm­ing­ton, Delaware. Hunter Biden brought his lap­top to John for repair. John did what he asked and tried to return it. But the drug addled Hunter did not return to pick it up nor did he pay his bill.

In the course of recov­er­ing Hunter’s hard dri­ve, Mr. Mac Isaac dis­cov­ered mate­r­i­al rel­e­vant to the impeach­ment tri­al of Don­ald Trump as well as evi­dence of Hunter’s sex­u­al and nar­cotics depravity.

Mr. Mac Isaac did every­thing by the book. He turned the evi­dence over to the FBI. But they sat on it. Out of his con­cern as a true patri­ot, Mr. Mac Isaac gave a copy of the hard dri­ve to Rudy Giu­liani. The rest is history.


Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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