Mark Davis: America’s Streets Are Spared, But Was Justice Done in the Chauvin Trial?

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I spent an entire talk show Tues­day morn­ing telling the audi­ence why I found rea­son­able doubt drip­ping from mul­ti­ple lay­ers of the case against Derek Chau­vin.  A unan­i­mous jury ver­dict to the con­trary does not change my mind in the least. How­ev­er, I am now tasked with how to process this result as relief and cel­e­bra­tion spread across the land, amid talk of heal­ing and renewed faith in our sys­tem among those who had grown dis­trust­ful.  Who wants to ruin that vibe?So I’ll piv­ot to a posi­tion I have often instruct­ed oth­ers to fol­low, show­ing respect to jurors …


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