Almost a Quarter of COVID Patients in England Are Being Treated For Something Else

Almost a quarter of people in hospitals in England who are being counted as ‘COVID patients’ are actually being treated for other illnesses, according to a new report.
“Health service statistics show there were 6,146 NHS beds taken up by people who were Covid positive on September 14th, the latest date data is available for,” reports the Daily Mail.
“But just 4,721 patients (77%) were primarily being treated for the virus, with the remaining 1,425 receiving care for other illnesses or injuries. They could include patients who’ve had a fall or even new mothers who tested positive after giving birth.”
In the Midlands area meanwhile, a full third of patients supposedly being treated for COVID were actually in hospital for different reasons.
The report also acknowledges that as many of half of patients who enter hospital only test positive for COVID after being admitted for an unrelated illness.
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