Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. John Stennis Heading Home for Refueling and 4‑Year Complex Overhaul

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Nudged by a team of tugs from its pier at Naval Sta­tion Nor­folk, past the Mon­i­tor-Mer­ri­mac Bridge Tun­nel and the mouth of the James Riv­er, the car­ri­er USS John C. Sten­nis moved Thurs­day to New­port News Ship­build­ing, where it’ll bring work for more than 4,000 of the shipyard’s 25,000 employ­ees over the next four years.

The 1,092-foot long nuclear-pow­ered Nimitz-class car­ri­er is back where it was built and deliv­ered to the Navy in 1995. It is about to under­go a refu­el­ing and com­plex over­haul. That project will keep it in ser­vice for anoth­er quarter-century.

In addi­tion to refu­el­ing the carrier’s …


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