After Being Forced To Forfeit Their Guns, The McCloskeys Get Epic Revenge

Mark McCloskey post­ed a pic­ture Sun­day show­ing he and his wife Patri­cia aren’t giv­ing up their guns quite easily.

A St. Louis cou­ple who gained noto­ri­ety for point­ing guns at social jus­tice demon­stra­tors plead­ed guilty Thurs­day to mis­de­meanor charges, but the man left the cour­t­house defi­ant­ly pledg­ing to “do it again” if faced with the same circumstances.

Patri­cia McCloskey plead­ed guilty to mis­de­meanor harass­ment and was fined $2,000. Her hus­band, Mark McCloskey, plead­ed guilty to mis­de­meanor fourth-degree assault and was fined $750. They also agreed to give up the weapons they used dur­ing the confrontation.

When sev­er­al hun­dred demon­stra­tors marched past their home in June of 2020, the cou­ple waved weapons at them. They claimed the pro­test­ers were tres­pass­ing and that they feared for their safety.

The McCloskeys, both of them lawyers in their 60s, wore blue blaz­ers and spoke calm­ly in answer­ing ques­tions from Judge David Mason dur­ing Thursday’s hear­ing. Mason asked Mark McCloskey if he acknowl­edged that his actions put peo­ple at risk of per­son­al injury. He replied, “I sure did your honor.”

Mark McCloskey, who announced in May that he was run­ning for a U.S. Sen­ate seat in Mis­souri, was unapolo­getic after the hearing.

“I’d do it again,” he said from the cour­t­house steps in down­town St. Louis. “Any time the mob approach­es me, I’ll do what I can to put them in immi­nent threat of phys­i­cal injury because that’s what kept them from destroy­ing my house and my family.”

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