‘Accidental Voting Mistake’ Allowed Pelosi to Pass Insane Bill

Rep. Ken Calvert (R‑CA) “for­got” to cast a proxy vote on behalf of Rep. John Carter (R‑TX), which ulti­mate­ly would have killed the $1.9 tril­lion Capi­tol secu­ri­ty fund­ing bill that passed by one vote on Thurs­day, accord­ing to a report.

Carter sub­mit­ted a let­ter to the clerk of the House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives dat­ed May 14 giv­ing Calvert author­i­ty to cast his vote by proxy “due to the ongo­ing pub­lic health emer­gency.” The final vote for the bill was 213 to 212.

A no vote from Carter would have tied the vote. A tied vote would have sunk the bill in the House since it would have blocked it from pass­ing. The House can­not break a tying vote like the Sen­ate, where the vice pres­i­dent can vote when the votes are tied.


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