A California One-Year-Old Is Getting $167 Per Week in Unemployment Payments

A CBS LA inves­ti­ga­tion found that a Fres­no tod­dler, who just turned one, and oth­er pint-sized “actors” and “mod­els” in Cal­i­for­nia are receiv­ing unem­ploy­ment checks.

A Fres­no girl who just cel­e­brat­ed her first birth­day is col­lect­ing $167 per week in unem­ploy­ment ben­e­fits after a claim was filed on her behalf stat­ing that she was an unem­ployed actor. And a 12-year-old Sacra­men­to girl had a claim filed on her behalf that said she made $40,000 last year as a fash­ion mod­el. Anoth­er Sacra­men­to child, this time a 9‑year-old boy, had a claim filed on his behalf stat­ing that he made $33,000 last year, also as a fash­ion model.

Both of those chil­dren have dif­fer­ent last names, but the claims list the same address — traced back to a mail­box store in Sacramento.

There were near­ly a dozen ques­tion­able unem­ploy­ment claims for minors found in a CBS Los Ange­les inves­ti­ga­tion of inter­nal state unem­ploy­ment files. Sources said many of those claims have been red-flagged, but only after ben­e­fits had been paid out for months.


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