$6.4 billion for Afghans, immediate access to ‘entitlements’…

As thou­sands of Afghan migrants are being processed and trans­ferred to the Unit­ed States, the White House is request­ing Con­gress make wel­fare ben­e­fits avail­able to Afghan nation­als paroled into the nation.

Dur­ing the chaot­ic US troop with­draw­al from Afghanistan as the Tal­iban took over the nation, US troops helped evac­u­ate more than 116,000 peo­ple from Kab­ul, includ­ing 6,000 Americans. 

This week, the White House asked Con­gress for $6.4 bil­lion in funds to help reset­tle the Afghan evac­uees. Part of the fund­ing would go towards autho­riz­ing Afghan evac­uees who have been paroled into the Unit­ed States and cleared back­ground checks or screen­ings to receive wel­fare ben­e­fits and qual­i­fy for a driver’s license or ID card. To be eli­gi­ble, all indi­vid­u­als must have been paroled in the US between July 30 and Sept. 30 of this year. 


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