Trump given 9th-degree black belt

Former President Trump received an honorary ninth dan belt certificate in taekwondo from the sport’s main governing body in Florida over the weekend. Issued by Kukkiwon president Lee Dong-sup, Trump received the honorary belt at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Fla. Kukkiwon posted the exchange to its Facebook page, where Trump can be seen wearing a traditional taekwondo uniform, outfitted with a black dan belt. 

In taekwondo, the ninth dan belt is the highest level a person can achieve. “It is my honor to receive the honorary dan certificate and I think Taekwondo is a magnificent martial art for self-defense. I wish to see Kukkiwon taekwondo team’s demonstration,” said Trump according to Kukkiwon’s Facebook page. America is changing faster than ever! 

In the exchange between Trump and Dong-sup at the former president’s Florida resort, a framed photo can be seen of Trump shaking hands with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. According to Th …

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