500 Migrants Caught in One Day in Texas Border Sector as Border Situation Worsens

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Rio Grande Val­ley Sec­tor Bor­der Patrol agents appre­hend­ed more than 500 migrants in a sin­gle day. The appre­hen­sions took place along a small sec­tion of the bor­der with Mex­i­co near Mis­sion, Texas.
McAllen Sta­tion Bor­der Patrol agents work­ing the bor­der near Mis­sion, Texas, on the night of Feb­ru­ary 24 encoun­tered a sin­gle group of 130 migrants. The major­i­ty of the migrants were fam­i­lies and unac­com­pa­nied minors, accord­ing to infor­ma­tion obtained from Rio Grande Val­ley Sec­tor Bor­der Patrol officials.

Last night, RGV agents arrest­ed a group of 130 ille­gal aliens in Mis­sion, TX. In less than a 24 hour peri­od, this area alone saw more than 500 …


Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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