37 MILLION Would Get Amnesty in Biden Plan

Rose­mary Jenks, pres­i­dent of Num­ber­sUSA, reports the Biden regime wants to grant amnesty to 37 mil­lion ille­gal aliens. 

The equiv­a­lent of the pop­u­la­tion of Cal­i­for­nia would receive green cards and a path to cit­i­zen­ship over 10 years. 

“The cost of that is the destruc­tion of our coun­try,” Jenks told War Room on Tues­day. “We will lose our country.”

Stephen K. Ban­non said an influx of tens of mil­lions of ille­gal aliens means, “the cor­po­ra­tions are going to get what they want, they’re going to flood the zone with cheap labor.”

Jenks said the Biden amnesty is “more rad­i­cal than any­thing I have ever seen.” The mas­sive amnesty calls for zero enforce­ment, while the regime is actu­al­ly invit­ing the next flood of ille­gal aliens.


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