300,000 Bikers Show Up In Daytona With Surprise For Biden…

More than 300,000 bik­ers rolled into Day­tona Beach this week with a defi­ant mes­sage for Pres­i­dent Joe Biden and his nation­al mask man­date: ‘This is Amer­i­ca, you can’t tell us what to do.’

The famed Spring Break mec­ca pushed ahead with its 80th annu­al Bike Week despite fears it could spawn a Covid-19 super­spread­er event.

DailyMail.com joined the giant ral­ly as leather-clad motor­cy­clists from every state in the nation cruised down Main Street for a rau­cous par­ty on two wheels.

The bikers had a defiant message for President Joe Biden and his national mask mandate: 'This is America, you can't tell us what to do', as one biker is seen flying a 'F*ck Biden' sign

Biker David Seibert, 24, a mechanic from Pittsburgh, flies a flag behind his motorcycle that reads "Fu*k Joe Biden and Fu*k you for voting for him!"


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