2024 Presidential Memo Could Change Everything

It may be near­ly four years until the 2024 pres­i­den­tial elec­tion, but polit­i­cal hand­i­cap­pers are already siz­ing up the field for the Repub­li­can Party.

It is unknown what Pres­i­dent Trump will do going for­ward or whether Joe Biden can even make it four years, but a new poll claims the par­ty is still over­whelm­ing behind Trump.

Accord­ing to polling data put togeth­er by ana­lyt­ics firm Ech­e­lon Insights, Trump would indeed be the top choice among Repub­li­cans, with 41 per­cent of Repub­li­can-lean­ing vot­ers back­ing him if the pri­ma­ry were held right now.


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