165 Pounds of Meth, Cocaine Seized Near California/Mexico Border

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El Cen­tro Sec­tor Bor­der Patrol agents seized near­ly 165 pounds of metham­phet­a­mine and cocaine smug­gled into the U.S. on an ultra­light air­craft. The agents found the near­ly half-mil­lion dol­lars worth of drugs north of the Cal­i­for­nia-Mex­i­co border.
Calex­i­co Sta­tion Bor­der Patrol agents work­ing in the city of Calex­i­co, Cal­i­for­nia, on Decem­ber 3 heard a loud noise com­ing from the sky. The agents con­tact­ed the station’s Remove Video Sur­veil­lance Sys­tem oper­a­tors for assis­tance, accord­ing to infor­ma­tion obtained from El Cen­tro Sec­tor Bor­der Patrol officials.
Sur­veil­lance oper­a­tors con­firmed that an Ultra­light Air­craft (ULA) ille­gal­ly entered U.S. air­space from Mex­i­co, offi­cials report­ed. The sur­veil­lance team worked with the agents to pin­point where the ULA descend­ed and came back up.
Agents went to the area and con­duct­ed a search which led to the …


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