Maricopa County Officials Refuse to Comply With Subpoenas Related to Election Audit

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Offi­cials in Mari­co­pa Coun­ty, Ari­zona, are refus­ing to com­ply with sub­poe­nas from the state Sen­ate that require them to turn over routers or router images to audi­tors review­ing the Novem­ber 2020 elec­tion, say­ing that sur­ren­der­ing the items will cause a “sig­nif­i­cant secu­ri­ty risk” to local law enforcement. 

“We had pre­vi­ous­ly believed that the risk would be elim­i­nat­ed by redact­ing the law enforce­ment data on the routers and not pro­duc­ing it. But we were informed that redac­tion did not elim­i­nate the risk,” Deputy Coun­ty Attor­ney Joseph LaRue said in a let­ter this week to Sen­ate Audit Liai­son Ken Ben­nett, reports The Arizona …


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