Gov. Cuomo Signed Bill That Lowered Bar to Prove Sexual Harassment

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New York Gov­er­nor Andrew Cuo­mo signed a bill two years ago that sub­stan­tial­ly low­ered the bar for prov­ing sex­u­al harass­ment claims, mak­ing it eas­i­er now for his accusers to meet the required stan­dards, The Wash­ing­ton Free Bea­con report­ed on Wednesday. 

The bill Cuo­mo signed into law states that harass­ment does not need to be “severe or per­va­sive” to be unlaw­ful, spec­i­fy­ing that any action that ris­es above “pet­ty slights and triv­ial incon­ve­niences” can qualify. 

The gov­er­nor’s alleged mis­con­duct appears to exceed this standard. 

A New York employ­ment lawyer explained to the Free Bea­con, for exam­ple, that if a male supervisor …


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