1.2 Billion+ in Presidential Election Bets – And Trump Is Pulling Like A Train

With the Unit­ed States in the grip of the Great Depres­sion in the late 1930’s, Seabis­cuit became the idol of a nation, traips­ing across the coun­try in his pri­vate train, gen­er­at­ing more news­pa­per cov­er­age than Roo­sevelt, and attract­ing nev­er-before-seen crowds at every track appearance.

Mil­lions of peo­ple had no jobs, were unable to pro­vide for their fam­i­lies and many were home­less. They felt worth­less and felt that no one cared. Then came the sto­ry of the most unlike­ly win­ner, out of luck and dis­card­ed just like them, the ulti­mate underdog.


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